Tourist Promotion and Commercial agents – A species apart (Tribute)

Tourist Promotion and Commercial agents – A species apart (Tribute)

We are made from a different mould, a species set from the rest, with its respective subspecies. Each kind of Tourist promoter or Commercial agent has their own place within this diverse and colourful world of tourism.

I want this piece to be a tribute to all those that are in the first line of fire, colleagues, Students and professionals in the sector, as well as those no longer with us, who just remain in our memories but dedicated their lives to fighting for the tourism industry to prosper.

We are always in the eye of the hurricane and often held to justice. Sometimes loved and admired, other times loathed or envied depending on the different issues the sector faces at the time. Always with our hearts in our suitcase and our professionalism visible in the work we do.

We are filled with double morals when wanting to promote our destinations, when we publish our finest recommendations, half tempted to conserve those special places as exclusive ones just for us. Places that we can disconnect from the tourist masses and keep them under wraps to maintain them ´isolated from visitors´

A different species…

If we made up a comparative metaphor of human psychology and animal behavior, we would observe that within the Tourism world, we can see the Lions organizing events, lambs in Local Administration, the wolves negotiating prices, the grey donkey figuring out the financial budgets or silver sharks swimming in the oceans of the Exhibitions of the sector, blue dolphins in the tourist world chatting in the promotional stands and the hundreds of Online sites like spiders inundate the Web of Webs.

If Darwin lifted his head right now, I would tell him about this new vision of the current species in evolution.

What is a Tourist Promotional agent?

The person who ensures the destination or company being represented is publicized all over the world. That a direct business stream is generated and is responsible for increases in the visitor numbers or sales numbers, or even for future sales forecast.

Tourists don´t fall from trees, you have to actively search for them, captivate their imagination and grab their attention.

Helped along by promotional tools (Brightly designed leaflets, interesting websites, promotional DVD´s, eye catching photos) we share the spotlight with Tourist offices, Conference bureau, OPC´s, and many other organizations.

Every day we fight to get well positioned and convert our destination into a definite target for International resellers and Exhibition planners. To make sure that they work with the destinations and companies we are represent. Our work is similar to the Black Light Theatres in Prague. From the shadows we create a suitable strategy to make the object we represent shine on a worldwide tourist stage which every day becomes more and more competitive.

We are the wonderful puppets of our cities, the heart of the touristic backstage of our brands, provinces, regions and countries. The people who organize workshops, fairs, exhibitions and press trips. Tourist offices, Incentive companies and everything possible goes into making our monuments, beaches, hotels and services of all kinds known. Making out of this compendium, a selection for the International Events buyer, or even for the Individual tourist, who is happy with his camera poised.


We are the ones taking the temperature of the tourist markets in real time, effective measuring and deep knowledge of the current demand. Well aware of the type of tour operators and the requirements they have, knowing the profile of the Congress organizer. We are prepared to tell them exactly what they want to hear.  We have converted ourselves into a precious commodity, highly desired by the expert Tourist consultants of the Trade Fairs. We are definitively altruistic promoters and commercial agents for our companies and destinations. We live and breathe the latest tendencies ´Pret a porter´ of M.I.C.E tourism and we are happy to share and invite everyone along to our unique showcase.

We are a small clan, a large family, a separate species and clearly far away from extinction. With new technology, online commercialization channels and Social Networks as our weapons we are becoming an ever more visible army, highly qualified in knowledge and stocked with a wealth of resources.

London,Paris,Istanbul,Dublin,Budapest,Lisbon,New York,Miami,Tokyo,Sydney.. Each place is promoted in it´s own way but we sell tourism in harmonic combination with the unified destination ´Travel´.

We applaud the work that the commercial staff and agents represent as well as the Council organization, regional governments and small businesses to make up a part of this human team of professional people that far away from homes they work hard travelling to Tourism exhibitions and fair, time that is often not recovered.  We spread dreams across the world each day as we go to work. Speaking of the smallest corners of the world to people across the globe. Making tourists sigh with wonder, attracting the congress organizer or incentive booker… ¨Yes this place really does exist, there really is snow in Southern Spain¨… ¨Saint´s Paul´s inLondonreally does have a whispering tower¨

Copenhagen,Paris,Vienna,Granada, Berlin,Montreal,Tallinn.. …they are all destinations that are more than happy to welcome you in your next business meeting,  Travel Exhibition or family break.

Here we are, today and tomorrow and we will always be at your service.

Keep smiling all the Tourist Ambassadors across the world.Without you on board this journey would be over.

I wanna give ma special thanks & Hugs to my dear “Molly” @piccavey for all support, texts translation and more… ¡¡

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that you share the experiences that you have enjoyed with everyone you can.

Kindest regards



@raulgrx – Raúl García Cuesta – MISTERBACKSTAGE


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